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1.Please provide enough and accurate personal data so that your problem can be solved ASAP. (Account, server, time, screen-shot would always be needed if there is any bug report or hacker problem.)

2.Sometimes, you need to wait for 24 hours before the Game Coins or VIP getting into your account after recharge.(Paypal debit card user only); For those who doesn't pay through paypal, if you cannot receive your recharge items in time, there maybe some problem of your payment way, we suggest you to have a contact with them first.

3. If you have any payment issue, please contact us with your payment method, Order ID/Payment ID/Transaction ID, Account, Server, Attached Screen-shot and as many as related info. (Refund problem: please contact our specialty email address:

4.Our VIP service is not a purchase but a subscription. After your subscription, your account will be charged every 30 days. If you want to end it, you can just ask the bank to cancel the recurring payment through your paypal or other payment channels.

5.Please make sure you write down an accurate email address, and remember the ticked ID after you submitted your ticket. (Ticket ID can also be found in the email sent to your submitted email address.)

6.Please do not trust any fraud information about selling Game Coins with low price, the only way to obtain Game coins is to take recharge through the official website, and we will ban those who has illegal operation. Also, we don't suggest players to trade account in private, cause we will not be responsible for any problem may occur.

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