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Hello dear player! Welcome to our support page. This support is ONLY for DDTank Mobile Brasil (In Brazilian Portuguese).

If you need help with any of our other games, please send your messages in the new system.

For DDTank Mobile English version in https://www.facebook.com/ddtankmobile.

For DDTank 3 and Call of Roma in http://service1.proficientcity.com/support/index.action.

For other Proficientcity games including Wartune(Reborn), Legend Knight, Omega Zodiac, Dragon Awaken, in http://service.proficientcity.com/support/index.action.

Bem Vindo ao Suporte DDTank Brasil!

Bem Vindo ao nosso suporte! Esta página fornece suporte somente ao DDTank Mobile Brasil (somente em Português). Se você precisar de ajuda em nossos outros jogos entre em http://service1.proficientcity.com/support/index.action caso precise de ajuda no DDtank Ingles entre em https://www.facebook.com/ddtankmobile

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